Southwest Summit

This summer I had the best night in St. George with the Southwest Symphony! The audience was super interactive and funny…so naturally it was one of my top favorite shows. I decided to wear my prom dress with heels for the first half of the show but the second half was totally casual, including tennis shoes 👟.  Shows don’t always go exactly the way we plan but the audience was so awesome that the little mistakes made for the best laughs.  Something you had to be there for. 😊 I especially loved being there with my family, Chris Meek (my Manager who is AWESOME), Stephen Nelson (best Music Director EVER), Nate Smeding (Percussion, great to be around), and Chris Martin (save-the-day Technical Director). Thank you to all the members of the symphony and to Maestro Lucas Darger for being so wonderful to work with!  To the incredible audience…I can’t wait to come back and sing for you again!  Love, Lexi 

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